Vitamins, Supplements, and Nootropics

I’ve recently been exploring the world of nutrition, primarily through Rhonda Patrick, Joe Rogan, and /r/nootropics. I’ve started a daily regimen of my own and felt a need to start documenting what I’m taking. I used this list as a starting point but have made some changes.

Men’s Daily Multivitamin (Up & Up)

1 tablet; broad-spectrum vitamins and minerals

This is probably not the best quality multivitamin but I had them here so I figured I should go ahead and finish them before finding something else. Notable they have 700 IU Vitamin D3 which I’m also supplementing separately (see below.)

Vitamin D3 (local co-op brand)

1 softgel; 1000 IU (25mcg)

Infographic Living in a northern climate this is an obvious deficiency I want to avoid. The RDA is very low (750 IU / 20mcg) but newer research is saying the ideal amount is closer to 6x that. Combined with the multivitamin listed above I’m at 1700 IU (ideal being ~4000IU.) Since there are unsafe amounts of vitamin d3, and I’m starting a number of things at once, I decided to stay on the safe side and ramp up slowly. With ice on the running trail and winter solstice nearing now is probably a good time to increase my dose.

Concentrated Omega-3 (local co-op brand)

1 softgel; fish oil 1200mg / EPA 360mg / DHA 240mg

See The Importance of Omega-3. 1200mg is likely far below the ideal amount, but like vitamin d3 above I wanted to ramp up slow. However fish oil is very safe so this is probably overly cautious. I’m nearly out of this brand and will be starting a new one in a few days (RxOmega-3; Fish Oil 1170mg / Omega-3 630mg / EPA 400mg / DHA 200mg)

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM (local co-op brand)

1 tablet; glucosamine complex 375mg / chondroitin sulfate 300mg / MSM 375mg

Admittedly, not a lot of thought or research went into this one. Given that I do a fair bit of running I wanted something specific for joint health. In the future I may experiment with Curcumin and/or bone broth as alternatives.

Probiotic - Stress (GNC)

2 capsules; 25B active cultures / KSM-66 Ashwagandha 600mg / Suntheanine L-Theanine 200mg

I found these sort of by accident when the sales guy at my local GNC pointed them out to be as being on sale. I took at least half or more before realizing the serving size was 2 capsules instead of one, for what that’s worth. I have a few days worth of these left and then will start a new brand without the stress-related nootropics. Not only do I want to experiment with other brands but I want to separate the compounds since I may not continue taking probiotics daily in the long-term. I want to continue a loading phase for awhile but I don’t have a definite time frame in mind yet.

+CBD Oil (CV Sciences)

2 capsule; Hemp oil 250mg / CBD 20mg

Another one I need to research further. The gist of what I’ve read so far is CBD (hypothetically) reduces inflammation, which in turn has all sorts of health benefits. In my case I hoped it would help combat some long-standing social anxiety.


2 pouches (breakfast and lunch); Vitamin C 300mg / Noopept 20mg / Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500m / Tyrosine 350mg / Centrophenoxine 250mg / Magnesium 200mg / L-Theanine 160mg / Uridine Monophsphate 500mg / Caffeine 100mg

Originally I was looking for a source for Alpha-GPC and was researching Onnit Alpha BRAIN when I discovered quite a few comments saying it gave them nausea. Given that Onnit is very reputable and their products are well tested I may still give that a try in the future. For now I decided to try Trubrain, which has similar benefits via different compounds. I started the 10-pouch trial only a few days ago so this one is still very new to me.

St. John’s Wort (Solaray)

1 capsule; 350mg

I added this in just a couple days ago as a non-prescription anti-depressant. If I keep with it I will probably want to ramp up to 3x day.

Ashwagandha (Organic India)

2 capsules; 800mg

Another anxiety-reducer. I haven’t started taking this supplement just as I already have a source via the GNC probiotic listed above. Once I do start my daily intake will go up 33% (or down if I decide to take 1 capsule.)

Amino Complete (Now Sports)

4 capsules; Vitamin B6 13mg / amino blend 3g

Haven’t taken any yet but intend to use these on run days for muscle recovery. My intention was to buy straight BCAA but they only had a powder form and I prefer capsules. This complete profile has all those and more, although at lower concentrations.

Ghost Legend

1 scoop pre-workout; BCAA 5g / Alpha GPC 150mg / others

Got this at GNC as one of the only Alpha-GPC products they carried at that store. Combining that with BCAA, other aminos, stimulants, etc. is an interesting product. I have used it as a pre-workout for runs with seemingly positive results. That said I have stopped using it regularly with my runs so I may or may not continue using it.